Maximalist studies of moments.

The disorientation is not out of spite, but so that we can communicate more clearly with one another. I do not know any other way to trace the outlines of blurry subjects, the reflections of angels, or of any of these seaglass ghosts. So, as a result, I’ve scraped together my own piecemeal framework out of bone, voided spaces, and shimmering suns. Layering images is also almost a list of things! So when I catch my own maze-like bravery, I fumble with the pictures, trying to tap into one thing or another. It’s a matter of searching in many places, sometimes it's difficult to name a thing directly. Let me look at your face. In all of this I like to think that one day I could rip apart all the oceanic starscapes so we could see each other properly, eye to eye. A violent unraveling. But in the meantime, I can’t stand too still. In a very funny way, it would be hypocritical if it wasn’t symptomatic. So mostly I draw lines with my only fingers and I’m very glad to be here with you in this way.

Thank you for looking.

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Seaglass is an artist in the American Southwest and a chemical engineer. She is always early to the airport and late for everything else.

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